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Technologically, Mogaka Omwenga & Mabeya Advocates is fully computerized with current and high quality equipment and accessories.

The computer hardware that is used is of the highest quality and is upgraded on a regular basis. Selected software programs are designed to maximize the efficiency and output of the Firm. The entire computer system is networked to ease and speed up inter- communication within the Firm.

Internet Connectivity

A Lease Line for Internet connectivity ensures that Mogaka Omwenga & Mabeya Advocates is continuously online for the benefit and convenience of its members and clientele. A reliable service and maintenance back-up system ensures that quick and efficient services are availed at all times.

Comprehensive And Current Research Material

The availability of comprehensive and current research material through  and access to subscriber legal resources organizations such ensures that the lawyers in the Firm have ready access to  current and relevant legal materials as are required for an efficient and competent delivery of legal services


The location of Mogaka Omwenga & Mabeya Advocates in Social Security House, which is located in Central Business District of the city, provides easy, convenient and safe access to the Firm.   



A Comprehensive professional insurance cover the office, its contents and practice ensures protection and peace of mind to both the Firm and its clientele.



Membership of the lawyers in the Firm to  regional and local professional organizations such as the Law Society of Kenya  and East African Law society is of mutual benefit from which the Firm’s clientele stands to benefit.


Human Resource

The Firm recognizes that its most crucial asset is its human resources. Ours is a young, dynamic and vibrant team, which aspires to render competent, efficient, timely and cost-effective legal services to its demanding and exacting clientele.         

The members of the Firm are highly motivated and driven, ensuring versatility and speed that are necessary for the delivery of legal services in today’s highly competitive environment. The Firm is continually reviewing its human resources base so as to ensure that the needs of the Firm’s clientele are met at all times.